Drepung Monastery

Drepung monastery is located on the slope of Gepel Utse ridge, 8 kilometers northwest of Lhasa. It is the biggest Gelugpa learning center and was founded in 1416 by Jamyang Choeje Tashi Palden who was one of the main disciples of master Tsongkhapa. There are four main Dratsang or colleges which are Deyang, Gomang, Loseling and Ngakpa the tantric college.

Drepung Monastery

In the early year of the 16th century, Dalai Lama II took possession of the Ganden Podrang at Drepung. It was later to become an important center of political power in Tibet. At the time when Dalai Lama V assumed spiritual and temporal power in 1641, it had over 10,000 monks. It hailed from 321 different branch monasteries and lived according to nationality in 50-60 different houses. By considering it, the monastery qualifying as the largest monastery in the world.


The holy set of Kangyure

In terms of relics, there is a holy set of Kangyure or the translation of the Buddha’s oral teaching. The written materials of the holy set of Kangyure is liquid gold. We can see Buddhas of the Past, Present, and Future seated together, representing the “Three Times.” There are the eight Buddhisatvas and many other important statues, in the inner part of the assembly hall.


 “Yoghurt Festival”

“Yoghurt Festival” is a famous festival in summer. Moreover, during that time a giant Thangkha or scroll-painting is displayed at Drepung Monastery on the mountain slope. As a result, thousands of local people and tourist gather here. They pray homage and make offerings to the Buddha image. Furthermore, pray for w “Yoghurt Festival”orld peace and the happiness of all the beings. 10 minutes’ walk downhill from Drepung monastery is Nechung Monastery. It is worth to visit the monastery. Because, as it is the abode of the protector deity Pehar and the seat of the State Oracle of Tibet.

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