Tidrum Nunnery 

Tidrum Nunnery in Lhasa

Tidrum Nunnery close to the Drigung Til monastery, some about 13 km northwest. The nunnery is tucked in a beautiful gorge with numerous hermitages and caves around. The elevation at Tidrum nunnery is about 4350 meters above sea level. The nunnery, though small, is home to hundred nuns. Pilgrims and visitors visit Tidrum for the medicinal hot spring. The nunnery has a connection and history linked with Guru Rinpoche, King Trisong Detsen and Yeshe Tsogyal have connections to the nunnery. It is said that they found their way to Tidrum, loved its beauty. As a result, they choose to meditate here for many years. The presiding spiritual leader of the homage is considered a reincarnate of Yeshe.

Of the most notable attractions of the area is the hot spring. Which is said to have both curative and healing effect. The mineral-rich spring is very popular with Tibetans. Especially, who soak in the waters believed to cure everything from rheumatism to paralysis. With a temperature of around 40’C, the springs are formed by the gorge and the pressure. The gorge and the pressure from the two rivers combining in this one location.  Visitors can either camp outside and stay overnight at the local guesthouse. The Tidrum Nunnery own and operate it.

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