Shalu Monastery

Shalu monastery is located in the southeast of Shigatse prefecture and is only 18Km drive from Shigatse central district.

Shalu Monastery

Sherap Jungne founded the monastery in the 11th century. However, a famous Tibetan Buddhist master Buton Rinchen Drupa expanded in the 14th century. He was a great scholar. He is also considered as one of the three experts of Tibet along with Sakya Pandita and Master Tsongkhapa. At his time, the oral teaching of the Buddha was already set as a series of 108 volumes. However, the commentaries were scattered and were not put in systemic volumes. Therefore, he put them in a systematic order as well as copied the whole Tengyure or the commentaries and there were 227 volumes. In addition, he himself wrote 25 volumes of his own works and Buton became a sub-school of Tibetan Buddhism.

The architecture of Shalu monastery has three distinct features. First of all,  the foundation of the monastery building is in Tibetan style. However, the murals or the wall paintings are in Nepali style and finally. Finally, the roof is in Chinese style. This monastery has four colleges. In the past, its claimed that there used to be about seven thousand monks.  The monks practice the Buton tradition. The religious dance, Cham, of this monastery is very  well-known in the Tsang areas.


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