My Adventure Trip to Mt. Kailash

Written by Mr. Felix Gerk October 15th, Germany Frankfurt

Mt. Kailash Kora

To be completely honest with you, I didn’t know anything about Tibet. Didn’t know what the people looked like, didn’t know what they eat, what they do – in short, I didn’t know what to expect from this tour/journey at all.

Reflecting on my experience, I reckon it was a good thing. I started out with an open mind and heart and Tibet exposed me to a constant stream of things to explore and wonder about.

Personally I cultivate the habit of travelling alone – that’s what I know and have almost always done. Naturally I was skeptical how My Adventure Trip to Mt. Kailash will play out in a form of a pre-organized group and correspond with my interests. Even more so since I didn’t have the idea and neither laid out the plan for this Tibet trip – my mother and uncle did. We joined a Chinese-american couple that proved to be the best addition to our little team that we could have wished for. After hours of laughter, learning, as well as physical challenge, we parted ways as friends. Which is not surprising since the tour offers countless talking points and plenty of time to converse with your fellow travelers and ask the friendly and forthcoming  guides ( Chodak in our case ) regarding any questions about Tibet.

Yamdrok Lake

Our little adventure group linked up in Lhasa, where we explored holy sites and enjoyed the atmosphere of Lhasa created by the friendly and curious Tibetans. I have never been waved at or photographed that much in my life before – a smile will easily find its way on your face in this bubbly anthill.

Losal took us to an authentic restaurant to, as he said, “exchange ideas and cultures”, which was the first of many interesting lessons about Tibetan habits and beliefs. What made this so special for me is, that Losal is a very open minded and well articulated person and found joy in talking openly about Tibet culture, spirituality, tradition and everything in between – no small talk.

Local Pilgrimage

We continued our well organized tour by driving 4 days to Mt. Kailash were we would give the traditional Kora around this holy site a try. The drive in a minivan was long, but the travel company is committed to even making the long hours of navigating through the Tibetan nowhere as interesting as possible. We saw monasteries, landmarks and always had time to take a picture or enjoy a hot meal and some butter tea.

The Kora itself was not too challenging for me personally, but I would recommend the hike only to physically and well adapted ( altitude ) individuals. Everyone who doesn’t feel up for it, can rent a yak or horse, which is however quite expensive.

The pilgrimage itself is rewarding as can be and one can feel the spiritual energy transcend between the mountains. Another highlight for fans of spirituality or people who want to broaden their horizon is lake manasarovar, where we were lucky enough to be invited to a Hinduism ritual – another experience that I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life.

The drive back is long as well, but offers another highlight in form of a visit to Mt. Everest base camp and sleeping in a nomad tent. With a little bit of luck on your side, you’ll catch stunning views of Mt. Everest and the neighboring 8000 meters above sea level.

The tour itself is well thought through with a good mix of physical activity, “sightseeing” and getting a feel for the landscape and people of Tibet – all in all a refreshing plunge into a culture that fights for an existence. I dare you to take a dip.

Who can I recommend travelling with Tibet Universal International Tours and Travel. Everyone seeking a unique and sometimes challenging experience that takes you on an adventure you won’t easily forget, if you keep an open mind, an open heart and adapt a little bit. Losal and his guides will make sure everything runs smoothly and to your liking.

They will quite literally cross rivers and build bridges for you ( when the roads are flooded ) – and all that with a smile and Buddhist ease and peace.

You will learn, smile and come home full of positive, calm energy – seriously, I’ve drank 5 cups of tea, done my taxes and even cleaned the garage and it’s not even midday.

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My Most Meaningful and Powerful Trips I’ve Ever Undertaken

Written by Mrs. Courtney Rae October 8th, United States of America  


Photo with tour guide


Travel in Tibet is fraught with ethical and moral concerns, given the current situation. If you want your money to go to Tibetans, and if you want to better understand Tibetan culture and history, as well as what life is really like these days, this is absolutely the company to choose. I had the most incredible trip thanks to Losal and Nima, whose quiet strength, profound faith, and deep knowledge opened the place and culture to me in ways that left me humbled and grateful.

Nima, my guide, was a fount of information and wisdom, answering every question I had no matter how obscure, helping to educate me in the nuances of schools of Buddhism and sharing her own faith in every sacred place we visited. Losal strove to help me understand the historical and the long-standing customs, and cultural traditions of Tibet, and facilitated conversations with several remarkable people who are spearheading projects to improve the lives of Tibetans, from training artisans in traditional crafts to improving health care access in rural villages.

Apart from the major sights in Lhasa like Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple that, while important, are on every traveler’s itinerary, I was able to visit Samye Monastery and Tsurphu Monastery, among others, which few Westerners ever see. Tibet Universal Tours and Travel makes a point of taking its visitors to lesser known but arguably more significant sites in order to better understand the inextricable links between Tibetan culture and Tibetan Buddhism. Sharing food in a monastery kitchen with a pilgrim who performed prostrations for over 500 km to reach Samye was one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had. And walking up to Sera Monastery to see the enormous thangka on display during the Shoton Festival, along with more than 10,000 local Tibetans, amidst murmured prayers and wafting juniper smoke, and then joining half the city for a picnic on the grounds of Norbulingka Palace, gave me a glimpse of the lived experience of the faithful.

I stayed in charming Tibetan-run hotels and ate amazing Tibetan food in family-run restaurants—every arrangement Tibet Universal Tours and Travel makes is with an eye to supporting local people and local enterprises, which is a really important consideration when traveling in this region.

Losal even arranged for me to visit to a traditional rural village outside of Shigatse prefecture, so that I could learn about rural life, and the generous hospitality I was shown by the family was unparalleled. Apart from the incredible open-heartedness and resilience of the Tibetan people, there’s the staggering beauty of the country itself, which simply defies description and has to be seen to be believed. I’ve traveled all over the world, but this must be one of the most meaningful and powerful trips I’ve ever undertaken. I hope someday to return.

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My Tibet Adventure Tour…

Blog written by Mr. Lucero from Spain on 19th September 2018 

With native rural Tibetans

It is the history, the culture, tradition, devotional faith and the Tibetan people that truly mesmerize me and keeps me haunting for having a Tibet Tour. I remember it was 25th July 2018 and the clock striking 8.10 pm. As I had just returned from my office so I am immediately ran for taking a hot water shower and slipped into comfortable pajamas. I then thought to feed something to my hungry stomach. And what could be better than 2 minutes of instant Cuppa Maggie (my all-time favorite). After grabbing the Maggie cup, I turned on the TV and grabbed my couch to enjoy the yummy soupy noodles. It was then when I found the movie to be tele-casted again on HBO HD.

And when the adventurous idea of exploring Tibet hit me instantly…..

A cute remote Tibetan child

And as I am a globetrotter, it felt like the almighty above immediately gave the answer to my question of “where to go next?” You know that feeling when a secret escape is impending – you can feel it on the top just as you have been manacled down into a workload of riotous proportions. I just want to run away and didn’t want to come back to the office on Monday morning and reply to hundreds of emails those will just be waiting for me.

I wanted to set my out-of-office reply to something hilarious like, “Sorry I am currently out of the office exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas and drinking yak butter tea, which is a bit disgusting, but I’ll suggest you all to try it out once. I will be returning on…” and then the idea hit me. YES! It’s Tibet where I will be going on my next adventure.

Amazing Tibet Trip Package….

Potala Palace Night View

With a reputable travel agency, you can pick this excellent Tibet Trip Package and get set for one of the most adventurous holiday experiences of your life. The tour critically features majesty, limitless, quietness of many sacred Buddhist sites, including the splendid Potala Palace, the great Jokhang Temple, the deeply luminous Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery and so on. Also, you will travel amidst the world’s highest mountain range, with incredible views of the Mt. Everest, and make heartfelt connections with ‘her’.

Oh Yes, the Not-To-Forget….My Tibet Tours and Travels

10-days Lhasa Everest Base Camp

Oh! My Tibet Adventure Tour what an adventure it was. From the highlights of the ancient city Lhasa and the base camp of Mount Everest, the Tibet Tours was truly the trip of a lifetime that I’ll cherish forever and the one I had been waiting for. The landscape of the Tibet was awe-inspiring, the people were overtly friendly and amazingly kind, the history and culture were richly rewarding, and the photo ops were everywhere. It was a phenomenal introduction to the Himalayan culture and Central Asia.

Lhasa, City of the Gods

Jokhang Street

I got off the train at Lhasa station. Nothing but crisp, fresh, and neat pavement. Taking a taxi to the city center, took me via designer stores, tall hotels, and wide planes. This was something I had not imagined. Everything was so new and modern, where’s the spiritual and magical Lhasa?

Soon the driver dropped me off at my hotel I got to encounter a little bit of the real Tibet. I stayed in a luxurious hotel near Barkhor Square and the breakfast was served on the rooftop terrace where one can mostly enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Lhasa. On my first evening, I thought to take a stroll around the town and checked into the supermarket. I ventured off in the direction of Potala Palace and again, I was mesmerized to see all the branded shops and designer stores. It felt like am going to get bankrupt now (in all smile).

Oops, I forgot to mention about the Yak Burger…

Yak Burger

I am a hard-core non-vegetarian and I love my meat. On my first night at Tibet, I had a good encounter with a yak. Being on the roads for a while made my stomach cry in hunger for a real big meal and I ended up at a Tibetan restaurant where within few seconds I got myself indulged on the local special of Yak meat. Oh! The dish was sweet and savory, perhaps the best meal of the whole trip. So surely I can recommend eating some burger, steak or yak meat, it doesn’t matter as they are equally delicious.

Happy ME…!!!!!

Namtso Lake

On this tour of Tibet, you can also pay a visit to the world famous highest peak, the Mt. Everest at Everest Base Camp. If you have more time left, you can also make a visit to heavenly Namtso Lake or explore holy Mt. Kailash in Ngari. I was ecstatic about being in Tibet. I made my dream come true! I wanted to come to Tibet and here I was. Have you ever been to Tibet? What are your Tibetan experiences? Don’t forget to share them in the comment section below.

“With a reputable travel agency, you can pick this excellent Tibet Trip Package and get set for one of the most adventurous holiday experiences of your life.” Know all about my adventurous trip to Tibet….

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Tibet Winter Tour, Let’s go to Tibet during the Season of Winter!!

Tibet Winter Tour. A trip does not only mean travelling to some alluring land of one’s choice and roam around the area to enjoy the time. Yes, all of these are true while you are on a tour, but travelling has always been something more to me – it is a refreshment which helps me to breathe for the rest of the year, it has become a major part of my life, something which I cannot live without!!

Tibet winter tour

Among so many places that I have already visited, Tibet is something which attracts me like its height!! And Tibet travel guides are one of the ‘musts’ when you are planning to have a trip to the Roof of the World.  As I said that Tibetan Highlands tops my list of enjoying the vacation or some long time from the scheduled life, I have learnt what can be the best time to visit this mesmeric place – winter!! Yes, though not so popular, winter is my most favorite time to visit Tibet.

Well, I am sure that now you are curious why in the earth I am saying winter is the most enjoyable time to go to Tibet!! So, why not get your answer from this blog…

Become the Solitary Reaper

Less tourist and traffic jam

For me, solitude is kind of a bliss where I can fully enjoy and relish some time with my own self, where I can explore maybe some unknown facts about myself, and of course, the place. So, when I decided to go to the top of the world in winter, I found out that it does not attract a lot of tourists at that time; most of the areas are peaceful and you can enjoy the breezing refreshment fully. I have delved into a much more beautiful Tibet during winter because of less tourists count!! And being one of your Tibet travel guides with this blog, I can assure you that winter-Tibet will never disappoint you because hills are always more ravishing when you have less people around!!

Treat yourself with the Pleasing Weather & Enticing Views

Interact with Tibetans

There are many people who think the weather of Tibet Winter Tour will be unbearable. But truly speaking, it is not so!! Yeah, it is really unbearable at some places, but at most of the places you will be greeted with a pleasing weather of highest 9.5 degree Celsius and lowest -10 degree Celsius with the bright ray of sun which will keep on warming you during the day (December – January).

And winter-Tibet always treats with the most perfect scenic beauty of Mount Everest, of the roads, of the sky, and everything around!! Most of us go the hills to enjoy the scenic beauty and peace, no!! So why not choose winter when it can present the best of its beauty in front of you!!

It’s so Easy and also Cheaper to get the Tickets, Permits, and Accommodation during Winter

Train to Tibet

See, I have already told you that Tibet in winter does not attract a lot of tourists as it not considered as the season-time. And that’s why it becomes a lot easier to get the tickets, permits, and accommodation in Tibet during winter. And you know what, there are hotels who actually offer almost 50% discount on the bookings in winter. So, winter will suit your pocket as well, isn’t it!!

Introduce yourself with the Purity of Tibet – Culture, Festival, and Pilgrims

Experience the real Tibetan culture

Visiting Tibet in the season does not offer you much of the real Tibetan culture. But winter is always different. You will experience the New Year festival of Tibet in winter, you will come across more and more pilgrims in winter (who actually involve themselves in farming during summer!), and thus you will know the hardcore culture of Tibet – how the place actually is!!

Receive the Additional Gift of Wildlife Photography

Tibet travel permit

How!! You know it that winter is the season of migratory birds to move from one place to other in search of food and some warmth. As I said, that Tibet in winter is not that cold, you will see a lot of wild birds during winter in Tibet for the warmth they receive at that place. So, for those who love photography, just like I do, it is a grand chance for you to find some unknown birds and snap their beauty. Also, even if you are not photography-lover, who does not enjoy seeing some unknown beautiful birds!! Winter will gift you with that…

Let me know in the comments section below if this blog has become one of your Tibet travel guides; also tell me if you enjoyed Tibet during winter or not. And if you have not yet gone to Tibet in winter and want to visit, but don’t know how to prepare yourself for that, then read my blog of “Preparing Yourself for a Winter Trip to Tibet” – you will get all your answers there… Cheers!!

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Wonderful Memories of My Journey to Tibet

Written by Mr. Jeffery Ashley July 18th, 2018, Washington DC 

OUTSTANDING Travel Company and staff! Kudos to Tibet Universal Tours and Travel for their excellent services


Jeffrey in front of Potala Palace

Tibet is a land of wonders due to its awe-inspiring Plateau Landscape, the ancient, beautiful, devoted Religion, the welcoming and friendly Tibetan people, the long-standing customs, and cultural traditions, among so much more. One can easily envision a trip to Tibet as a top “must-visit” place on a personal travel itinerary. I have wanted to visit Tibet for many years, and to that end, I realized and arranged my travel through Tibet Universal Tours and Travel in July 2018. A most wonderful decision and travel company which made my trip outstanding!

I have traveled the world for most of my life and have been to all 7 continents and 140 countries. I mention that to offer context and to highlight that I am an experienced world traveler. Very rarely do I meet or encounter a travel company or tour organizer with such highly professional, courteous, attentive and considerate staff like those I encountered with Tibet Universal Tours and Travel. Co-founded and headed by Mr. Losal Gyamtso and his wonderful team of outstanding professionals.

Tibet Universal Tours and Travel is among THE BEST tour companies I have ever encountered in ALL of my world travels. My local travel guide Rinchen Pelmo and my driver Sonam were wonderful and thoughtful, kind and considerate at all times, as was Mr. Losal.

They were all so helpful, so accommodating and so professional throughout my entire 10 days stay in beautiful Tibet and clearly invested in making sure my trip was flawless and wonderful! They ensured very informative tours of the sacred sites, went out of their way to make me comfortable, and were adaptable to my needs and interests and offered nothing but kindness, excellent service, and warm friendship each and every day of my trip.

I haven’t enough words to describe or articulate how great Mr. Losal, Ms. Rincehen Pelmo and Mr. Sonam were on my trip. In a word, outstanding doesn’t even describe their company with the justice it deserves. They are the consummate professionals who offer customer service and focus on the warmth and kindness of the Tibetan culture and way.

I will say that if you are planning a trip to Tibet, Tibet Universal Tours and Travel is THE Company to work with. One of the best I have ever seen anywhere in the world!

HANDS DOWN! I highly highly recommend this organization. Truly unforgettable, kindness and lovely people, wonderful company and tour organizer and just an outstanding, professional service throughout. Enjoy Tibet with them…you’ll be happy you did!

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