One Day Meditation tour

One Day Meditation Tour Drak Yerpa
Tour Type: Private tour
Tour Duration: 1 Days
Best Time: April to Febuary
Brief Overview of One Day Meditation Tour Drak Yerpa

This 1 Day Meditation Tour in Drak Yerpa will be a great tour, as you will have opportunities to Meditate in the remote Tibetan Buddhist site of Drak Yerpa Cave. The hill has about 108 small meditation caves which is once said to be the meditation caves for 108 Sanyasi.

Drak Yerpa hermitage, about 18km northeast of Lhasa, on a hillside of the mountain at an elevation of 4885 meters. It is one of the holiest cave hermitage sites. In the middle of the 7th century, the then 33rd Emperor of Tibet Songtsan Gampo and his team built Drak-Yerpa for his wife. History says that 108 caves at Drak Yerpa, but only a handful now in existence. Among them, the cave of Songtsan Gampo is a significant one. Yerpa became one of the three most important centres of meditation and retreat in Central Tibet. Several of Guru Rinpoche’s disciples are also said to have meditated here. Atisha (982 – 1054 CE) preached extensively in the valley. Atisha’s hermitage is in ruins but had 300 monks in the 19th century and was the summer quarters for the Ramoche Monastery (the Upper Tantric College).

Tour Map of One Day Meditation Tour Drak Yerpa
1 Day Meditation Tour Drak Yerpa

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