Tibetan Tailoring

Tibetan tailoring possesses a unique skill and experiences. During the old times, Tibetan clothes are made by hand and take many days to complete a set. Tibetan tailors or öla in Tibetan hold important social values in Tibetan society and they are well-respected groups, and it is quite common for the monks to engage in handicraft skills such as sewing and tailoring. But nowadays, the tailors in contemporary Tibet are mostly using modern advanced sewing tools and equipment.

In Tibet during the old times, High lamas and noble families have they own permanent and personal tailor who assist for sewing and tailoring of various clothes for their annual wearing. Tailors are invited into the household to live with the family for an extended period to make clothes for the respective family members. The tailor would first observe the entire family members for a couple of days to understand the lifestyle with clothes, and then they decide to make various garments as per the request of the hosting family.

The most honored tailors are the that of the personal tailor of high lamas and aristocratic families. These tailors not only masters making clothes, but also Applique Thangkas decorating items in the monastery, and Traditional Tibetan Shoes for their masters.

The training to become such a proficient tailor would require study and lifelong apprenticeship with the master until his death. After the master pass away the household name of the master in the community is passed to his favorite student, usually, it is his eldest son, If the master is a monk, it will be pass to his favorite student.

Our Other Post on Tibetan Art & Crafts


Tibetan scroll painting or “Thangka” belong to the rich Tibetan cultural heritage and are an integral part of many public and private collection of Asian Art in the western world. 

The Art of Tibetan Statue

The Art of Tibetan Statue making can be categorized into two major schools: 1) exotic statues (from outside Tibet or influenced by outside Tibet); and 2) local Tibetan statues.

Stone and Rock carving

Tibetan Stone and Rock Carvings: Tibet is in rich repositories of culturally significant stone and rock carvings. When you are traveling in Tibet, you will find stone and rock carvings everywhere.

Tibetan Pottery Wares

Pottery in Tibet has a more than 5000-year history. Neolithic pottery pieces and unbroken pottery wares unearthed at Karub ruins in Qamdo are the earliest pottery ware crafts ever discovered in Tibet. 

Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan jewelry and ornaments include as rings, bracelets, necklaces, made of red and yellow coral, Tibetan carnelian, yak bones, Tibetan silver, Tibetan copper, turquoise, and other natural materials joined together with yak-hide string.

Tibetan Weaving

The history of Tibetan Rug making dates back to some fifteen hundred years but a standard piece from that date is virtually nonexistent these days. 

Tibetan Knife

Tibetan Knife is an indispensable tool for Tibetan people, who use it to cut meat, to defend themselves, and for other purposes. It is also one of the most representative handicrafts made by Tibetan people.

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