Guangzhou to Lhasa Train

Guangzhou to Lhasa train, Z264. It Leaves from Guangzhou train station at noon, every alternative day and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station in the late afternoon on the third day after over 53 hours covering a distance of 4980 kilometers

Route Train # Depart Arrival Travel Time Distance  Fare/ Soft Sleeper  Fare/ Hard Sleeper
Guangzhou to Lhasa  Z264 11:45 16:19 (+2 Day) 52Hr 34M 4980 Km 254 USD per Seat 150 USD Per Person
Lhasa to Guangzhou Z266 13:10 20:00 (+2 Day) 54Hr 50M 4980 Km  254 USD per Seat 150 USD Per Person

Xinning to Lhasa Train Time Table

Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Time Table
No Train Stations Station in Mandarin Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Time
1 Guangzhou 广州 11:45
2 Chenzhou 郴州 15:32 15:36 4 Minutes
3 Changsha 长沙 19:09 19:17 8 Minutes
4 Wuchang 武昌 22:38 22:58 20 Minutes
5 Zhengzhou 郑州 3:33 3:40 7 Minutes
6 Xi’an 西安 9:36 9:45 9 Minutes
7 Lanzhou 兰州 16:35 16:50 15 Minutes
8 Xining 西宁 19:25 19:45 20 Minutes
9 Delingha 德令哈 23:51 23:53 2 Minutes
10 Golmud 格尔木 2:40 03:05 25 Minutes
11 Nagqu 那曲 13:03 13:09 6 Minutes
12 Lhasa 拉萨 17:05
Lhasa to Guangzhou Train Time Table
No Train Sations Station in Madarin Arrival Time Departure Time Hault Time
1 Lhasa 拉萨 13:00
2 Nagqu 那曲 16:41 16:47 6 Minutes
3 Golmud 格尔木 03:00 03:25 25 Minutes
4 Delingha 德令哈 5:52 5:54 2 Minutes
5 Xining 西宁 10:30 10:50 20 Minutes
6 Lanzhou 兰州 13:25 13:41 16 Minutes
7  Xi’an 西安  21:49  22:03 14 Minutes
8  Zhengzhou  郑州  4:01 4:07  6 Minutes
8 Wuchang  武昌  8:37 8:52 15 Minutes
8  Changsha  长沙  12:07 12:13 6 Minutes
8  Chenzhou 郴州  15:43 15:46 4 Minutes
8 Guangzhou  广州  20:00  —

Guangzhou Train Station Information

The Guangzhou to Lhasa train starts from Guangzhou Train Station (广州火车北站)
If you take a taxi from the airport to the train station it cost around CNY100, There are also airport buses available from Guangzhou Airport to the Train station which cost only CNY16/person
Please make sure that you have a copy of your Tibet Travel Permits in order to board the train.

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