Tsalung (Trul Khor) – Tibetan Yoga Practice of Breath and Movement: 

Tibetan Yoga has been practicing since ancient time. It rooted in indigenous tradition and the form of Tibetan Yoga called Tsalung. Tibet Bon religion is the indigenous spiritual tradition of Tibet rooted before the arrival of Buddhism. It teaches us about deepening our connection with the five elements which are the fundamental energetic qualities of all phenomena.


Therefore, Tibetan Yoga, Tsalung practice is the very ancient practice of Bon tradition, Tibetan Yoga is coming from the source of mother tantric. In ancient time, great yogis and meditators they all practise this. The aim was to enrich their deep meditation spiritual practices. Moreover, to heal their physical health or prevent sicknesses and have a better health and balance. It has a history of 18000 years long.

These exercises are used in the Tibetan Bon tradition. Furthermore, it also used in the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug). Historically, it practised and taught only in remote Himalayan monasteries and caves. These magical healing movements are now being taught to serious western students.

The Five Tsalung Exercises

The Five Tsalung, Tibetan Yoga exercises are movements that work with five chakra locations within the central channel of the body: the crown, throat, heart, navel and secret chakra. It contains five types of exercises corresponding to the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void).

In each Tsalung, it bringing together the focus of the breath, mind, and physical movement. Tibetan Yoga exercises you inhale and open specific energetic centers in the body. Then you re-inhale and hold the breath and focus while performing a specific movement. The movement is designed to clear the obstacles that obscure and disturb you from recognizing the pure and open space of being. This pure and open space is the source of all positive qualities.



Blockages of the psychic paths are not only caused by psychological problems. Other strong factors like unwholesome food (and animal products), behavior and other external factors can cause them. Wrong behavior and diet are actually an important physical cause of the negative or positive energies. In short, all energetic, mental, and physical disorders manifested from the mind, wind and micro-bacterial aggravation. These are agents to produce channel blockages that finally manifest through physical symptoms.

Mount Kailash

The sacred peak of Mount Kailash and Bon tradition

The sacred peak of Mount Kailash spiritually has a very close connection with Bon tradition as they call the mountain Tise and believe it to be the seat of the Sky Goddess Sipaimen. Additionally, Bon myths regard Tise as the sight of a legendary 12th century battle of sorcery. The battle was between the Buddhist sage Milarepa and the Bon shaman Naro Bon-chung. Milarepa’s defeat of the shaman displaced Bon as the primary religion of Tibet, firmly establishing Buddhism in its place.

The benefits of Tsalung, Tibetan Yoga Meditation Practice are;

  • These exercises will awaken your subtle energy body, opening and clearing your five sacred energy centers (chakras) and channels (nadis). The five sacred chakras are: crown, throat, heart, navel and secret chakra.
  • Tsa Lung improves your ability to connect and rest in a naturally joyful state by alleviating any emotional blocks. Moreover, it also alleviates physical distractions, mental or energetic disturbances, or other hindrances to your spiritual practice.
  • The proper flow of energy (prana) through the body channels brings the cause of a good health and prolongs life. Moreover, it also helps to avoid the toxin accumulation in the nadis. The toxin blocks the nadis and important functions of the physical body.
  • These exercises help to clear the energetic dissonance that blocks clear open awareness, supporting profound meditative awareness on or off the meditation cushion. It is helping to reduce agitation, drowsiness, and dullness.
  • They will help to enhance your mental well-being, physical fitness, and spiritual growth. Furthermore, it also allows the natural human qualities of compassion, love, joy, and equanimity to arise.

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