Security Briefing for Travellers in Tibet

 General Security Issues

Security Briefing for Travelers should be followed for the safe travel. Tibet is probably among the safer parts of the world as far as personal security is concerned. However, one might encounter some petty street thefts in Lhasa. You are advised to take extra care when you go out for shopping. Furthermore, take more care when walking through crowded public areas and shops. It is vitally important for all concerned tourists to be aware of political sensitivities in Tibet. Talking indiscreetly about political matters, especially with people you do not know. Most noteworthy, it creates a risk to the individual and the travel agency.

Security Briefing for Travellers in Tibet.

Security Briefing for Travelers on What Visitors Should Follow:

  • Take care and be sensitive to words and actions
  • Avoid involvement in local affairs
  • At all times accompanied by your travel guide
  • Be well briefed on any potential ‘hotspots’ so that such areas can be avoided

Security Briefing for Travelers on Road safety

Road conditions in Tibet have been greatly improved in the recent years, especially the main network of roads linking key population centres and cities. Thanks to the rapid development of Tibet’s economy. You will, however, encounter some rough roads and surfaced roads that are less well-maintained. Especially, the rough roads are in remote regions of Ngari (Ali) in western Tibet. All our hired vehicles are all-terrain, all-time 4x4s and are well equipped, including essential equipment and tools as well as First Aid Kits.

Our drivers frequently find out information on road conditions. Both the driver and passengers must wear seatbelts at all times. Furthermore, drivers should make sure to take regular breaks when driving long distances. Passengers should always allow the driver to rest when he asks to do so.

Our drivers are expected to observe the following practices
  • Driving at late night
  • Drinking alcohol for 24 hours before driving
  • Taking any drugs
  • Giving lifts to strangers
  • Using mobile phones while driving
  • Smoking in the cars (driver, guide, passenger)
Office Address

Tibet Universal International Travel Co. Ltd
Zhong Xing Commerce and Trade Group Lhasa Tibet PRC
No.184# Beijing Zhong Lu Road (Opposite side of Tibet Television Station adjacent to Potala Palace)
Office Tel: 86 891 6513132      Office Fax: 86 891 6513132

Emergency Telephone Numbers:

  1. Lobsang (M) Mobile No. 139-8901-5575
  1. Sonam (M) Mobile No. 138-8901-6064

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