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Specialties of Tibet Universal Tours and Travel

Our Specialities on Tibet make us a unique and leading tour operator in the Tibet and Bhutan.

Tibet Universal Tours and Travel, a specialized travel agency offer the best travel plans for your Tibet visit. So, we invite for your new and unforgettable memory about Tibet and Bhutan. Any mention of Tibet may bring up to everyone’s mind the image of Shangri-la and the deeply devout Tibetans. But what actually makes Tibet and the land so fascinating to visitors? Tibet Universal Tours and Travel’s “special offers packages” provides not only a glimpse into their lives and culture to find out, but also a rare opportunity to explore and immerse yourself to experience the Tibetan way of life, art and culture. We will do it in style and comfort!

Village Home-Stay

A homestay in a traditional rural village gives the up-close experience of the Tibetan customs. In addition, the ways of life you could never experience staying in the many hotels or guesthouses. By living with a host in a village, you will be able to have a better understanding of the local culture and step back in time to enjoy beautiful sceneries, and views of the countryside landscapes. Most noteworthy, our hosts are very welcoming and friendly. So, come and enjoy with our specialists of Tibet Universal Tours and Travel.

Nomad Tent-Stay

High on the green grasslands of the Tibetan plateau, Tibetan nomads live in harmony with their animals and the environment. Visitors will spend a day or two and visit with local Tibetan nomadic communities. As a result, it will give the first-hand experience of the lifestyle of Tibetan nomads.  Moreover, experiencing the Tibetan nomads life by joining them herding yaks and sheep and making cheese, yogurt, and butter. Try riding a yak! At the end of the day, relax while drinking butter tea. Furthermore, swap stories with the locals. Enjoy the real nomad life experiences with our specialists of Tibet Universal Tours and Travel offers.

Micro-talk session

Would you like to sit back toward the end of your tour? If you want to hear an inspirational and enlightening talk, we will arrange it.  Renowned Tibetan experts provide the presentation on the theme of your interest. Well, we have got exactly that as part of our special feature. Just let us know. We can arrange such a session for you. Furthermore, our offer themes range from tradition and culture, architecture and festivals, costume and Tibetan signs and symbols etc. Our specialists of Tibet Universal Tours and Travel helps you learn the people and nature with engagement.

Thangka Class in Tibet

Thangka Class

Visit a local Thangka painting center to observe up close Tibetan artisan and their apprentice. Because they meticulously work on the Thangka painting or scroll banner painting. Learn about what Thangka painting is about. In addition, how this particular form of art, as well as mediation aid, is produced. We can certainly book you a hands-on mini-drawing session so that you can give it a go. It is a drawing that a certain part of this traditional Buddhist painting. It should be quite an exposure and experience. Tibet Universal Tours and Travel offers you to get the spiritual touch of Tibet.

Tibetan Calligraphy Class

The calligraphic tradition used to write the Tibetan characters is very unique. Not only it is a visual art form, but it is also a means to convey thought of the abstract beauty of the Tibetan scripts. Almost everyone Tibetan children have knowledge on it. Because when they start primary schooling in Tibet, they spend a large amount of time learning the Tibetan calligraphy. It is gaining a lot of popularity which signifies a continuation of the tradition of a people. Why don’t we take you to a Tibetan calligraphy class in town to see how this tradition is being maintained. The art of writing Tibetan scripts. You may want to lay your hands on a practice writing mini-session.

Thangka Class in Tibet

Hiking in and around Lhasa

While in Tibet, why don’t you opt a pleasure hiking trip, which is a great micro-adventure? But, what if you want to go hiking and are unsure where to go? Well, you do not have to feel miles away from a hike with a beautiful natural landscape and scenery to unwind. We can arrange a great hike around Lhasa city. It perhaps taking the much-trodden circumambulation route local Tibetans use every day. Otherwise, a special route we can design for you. We perhaps hiking into the southern beautiful rural valleys across the Lhasa river to reach a “paradise on earth”.

Hiking tours in Lhasa, Tibet
Tibet Handicraft center tour

Handicraft Center Tour

There are some local initiatives and entities who dedicate themselves to preservation and promotion of Tibetan arts and crafts. And, it is becoming vitally important. Your trip to Tibet will not be sufficiently thorough and complete if you have not considered getting a closer look at the extraordinary array of authentic Tibetan traditional and contemporary works of crafts and arts, like Tibetan incense, pottery wares, ornaments, jewelry, stone carving, leather bags, rugs and dolls, and toys. In our special offer, we can arrange for you exclusive escorted tours to local handicraft centres. So, in the places, you will meet with Tibetan artisans and see how them in action. Therefore you can see the production of the amazing works of crafts and arts.

Please do let us know if you are interested in above activities.

Email us at: losal@tibetuniversaltravel.com

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