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Latest Update from the Himalayan

Latest Highlight on Tibet Travel Permit

Following points are the latest update on Tibet travel permit process officially announced by the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau.

Tibet Kyiriong / Gyirong border opened

Tibet Kyiriong / Gyirong border opened for foreign travelers on 28th August 2017. Since the date, the route has been gaining popularity among tourists. the route. Foreign travelers who wish to take Tibet overland tour from Kathmandu Nepal you can cross the Kyiriong border. It offers a fabulous landscape view throughout the journey.

Visa Invitation for Tibet (August 2017)

  Travelers whose port of Tibet entry is chosen from Nepal, Tibet Tourism Bureau only issues invitation letter for group visa at a group size above 3 people. If you enter Tibet from mainland China cities an individual or accompanied by other travelers, no need of invitation letter for visa application.

The two day Top Urgent Visa from Nepal (July 2017 update)

This service (applying today and getting the visa tomorrow) has been suspended and is not applicable right now. We don’t know yet when they will resume this service again and. Moreover, will keep you in the loop on this if any change happens. Only available services are: The three day visa: Applying visa on Day 1 and receiving the visa and passport on Day 3. Need to occupy three business days exclusive weekends in between. The four-day visa: Applying for visa on Day 1 and receiving the visa and passport on Day 4. Need to occupy four business days exclusive weekends in between.

Visa Invitation for Tibet Exceptional for Some Countries
The following countries have to apply China & Tibet Group Visa at their own respective countries prior to their departure dates:

  1. Pakistan 2. Bangladesh 3. Sri Lanka 4. Afghanistan 5. Azerbaijan 6. Lebanon 7. Syria 8. Iraq 9. Iran 10.Kazakhstan 11.Kyrgyzstan 12.Tajikistan 13.Turkey 14.Uzbekistan 15.Albania 16.Democratic Republic of Congo 17.Ghana 18.Cameroon 19.Kenya 20.Libya 21.Mali 22.South Sudan 23.Nigeria 24.Somalia 25.Tunisia 26.Chad

Bhutan Travel Updates

Bhutan tour tariff is set by the government and it is mandatory for all the tour operators to provide this tariff to people wishing to travel to Bhutan. Till now the Tour Tariff fixed and monitored by the Royal Government of Bhutan is USD $250 for the season and USD $200 for low season (exclusive of visa fee and surcharges for FIT’s)

The policy of value tourism is best supported by a system of a daily minimum high season price of USD $250 and low season of USD $200 per person per night to visit Bhutan.

The daily minimum price is most often misinterpreted to be extremely high. The fee, in fact, covers a package that includes all internal taxes and charges including royalty(USD $65 person per night, accommodation(3-4 star category), all meals (American Plan), services of licensed guides, internal transport and camping equipment and haulage for trekking tours.

The royalty portion goes to the government exchequer, which in turn mainly support free medical care, free education, and other welfare schemes. All visitors in the way, therefore, make the valuable contribution to the welfare system of the country.

Daily Tourist Traffic

The Daily Traffic for Tourists Visiting in a group and individual during the high & low season are as follows:

HIGH SEASON (March, April, May, September, October & November).

Single Person USD 250

Surcharges: USD 40

Two Person USD 250 / person

Surcharges: USD 30 / person

Three Person & Above USD 250 / person

LOW SEASON (January, February, June, July, August, December).

Single Person USD 200

Surcharges: USD 40

Two Person USD 200 / person

Surcharges: USD 30 / person

Three Person & Above USD 200 / person


The tour cost includes: The costs already have included in the daily tariff.
  • 3-star level Hotel accommodations
  • All meals in 3-star level
  • Ground transport
  • English speaking guide
  • Mineral water
  • Entrance fees
  • All trekking equipment, trekking staff, and ponies on the trek
The tour cost not included: The costs do not include in the daily tariff and which you have to make payment by yourself.
  • Airfare
  • One time Bhutan visa fee ($40 per person)
  • Insurance for travel and other contingencies
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Luxury hotels (4 & 5 stars)
  • Language Guide (Chinese, Japanese, etc.…)

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